The lifting platforms feature a load platform that lifts up by one or more hydraulic cylinders operated by means of a control unit integrated in the machine itself or positioned separately. The machine is usually controlled by a push-button panel which makes it possible to stop the platform at any height.
These simple and reliable machines require very little maintenance.
These units are used in a variety of different fields and in numerous commodity sectors. According to need, and special arrangements , they can be installed both indoors and outdoors, in pits or simply resting on the floor and in operating plants also in continuous-cycle.
The broad range of units made by TRASPORTCAR SRL, in terms of capacity, dimensions, lifting heights, as well as for flexibility of the units manufactured to customerís requirements, easily allows catering for a whole variety of requirements, with increased productivity and better safety.
The lifting platforms can be efficiently used in automatic systems or simple stations to maintain at work height material generically placed in layers such as metal plates, wood panels, boxes, and semi-finished or already-packed products.
Using the lifting platforms as work benches, operators can maintain an ergonomic position when carrying out direct manual jobs such as, for example the maintenance and repair of machinery, assembly, packaging and pallet preparation operations.
They are an economic and reliable solution used as elevators for linking the different storeys whether with tall or low difference of level.
Without requiring a lot of room, they are also used to load and unload from trucks and containers ,safely and quickly, all types of machinery, with wheels or tracks, as well as any other type of material, with the aid of hand pallet trucks and fork-lift trucks .




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